The core values of any company are part of its DNA and are the essence of the Company’s identity. At Eastern Merchants, the core values imparted by the founders at inception are still very much alive and define what we stand for.


Conducting business dealings with the utmost integrity is a founding principle of the business and is a source of great pride to us. Our commitment to upholding this core value is evidenced by the long standing relationships we have built with our clientele. We comply with all laws and regulations of the market and conduct business in an ethical, honest and fair manner.



Our business relationships are based on mutual trust and are of great value to us. Customer satisfaction is paramount and to this extent we take full responsibility for all our dealings and solve any issues in an equitable and reasonable manner. We always honour our business obligations and fulfill our commitments.



Eastern Merchants prides itself in providing goods and services of the highest quality. As a company we strive towards excellence and we are constantly looking at ways to provide our customers with the best by employing the best available practices and always challenging ourselves to improve.



We recognize that we are stronger and more effective as a team than as individuals. Working together with our colleagues and clients to find the optimal solutions and achieve best results has been our focus from inception. We work on trust, respect and mutual support.