March 2015 – Sale of Significant Company Asset

Eastern Merchants PLC gained shareholder approval for the sale of the land and buildings owned by the Company at No. 284 Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02 and No. 341 Union Place, Colombo 02, (being one block in extent 134 perches) for a sum of Rs. 1,040,000,000. In the most recent valuation dated 6th April 2014, this…


December 2014 – Appointment of new Managing Director

The Managing Director of Eastern Merchants PLC, Mr. Anil Karunaratne retired from his post as well as the Board of Directors of Eastern Merchants PLC and its subsidiaries Eamel Exports Ltd. and Spice Lane (Pvt) Ltd., with effect from 31st December 2014. Mr. Karunaratne was appointed the Managing Director in 2006, and was with the…


May 2014 – Incorporation of new subsidiary

Eastern Merchants PLC incorporated a new subsidiary named Spice Lane (Pvt) Ltd., for the purpose of further developing the trade of spices conducted by the group. The registered offices of Spice Lane will be situated at 341 Union Place, Colombo 2 and the Board of Directors of this new subsidiary comprises six of the Executive…