Desiccated coconut (DC) is produced from the fleshy kernel of the coconut, which is dehydrated to retain its full natural flavour. This product is extensively used in the confectionary industry to make chocolate fillings and topping, etc and is also used in cooking as a substitute for grated fresh coconut.

Desiccated coconut is a 100% natural product and its production process is closely monitored at all stages by the Coconut Development Authority of Sri Lanka, and the finished product conforms to the highest standards required by the international markets. All our shipments are analyzed by SGS for Salmonella, Aflatoxin and Sulphur dioxide, and analysis certificates will be presented to the buyer along with all relevant documents.

The grade of desiccated coconut is generally determined by the size of the ‘cut’ and the grades currently exported by Eastern Merchants out of Sri Lanka include Medium, Fine and Chips. We can also source the Fine and Medium grades out of Indonesia and the Philippines from first class manufacturers. Fancy cuts such as Extra Fine, Macaroons, Chips, Flakes and Threads can be sourced out of the Philippines. Reduced Fat DC and Low Fat DC can be sourced from facilities based in Indonesia.